Who Are The Angels?

Angels Against Abuse (“Angels”) was created by a small group of visionaries who saw a need to provide assistance to children beyond the scope of basic services covered by the foster care system.  Most often, these children are removed forcibly from their homes due to abuse, and they are placed in the care of agency housing or private foster homes.  The experience is traumatic, and the children often leave with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  The Angels team set out to help these kids by

  1. providing goods and services not covered by the foster care system;
  2. helping to reduce the trauma of home removal;
  3. trying to create as many traditional childhood experiences for these children living in non-traditional conditions; and
  4. working with children and families to stop the cycle of abuse.

Vision Statement

We strive to provide care and assistance to children and families in the foster care system in Pinellas County who have been abused and neglected with the ultimate goals of helping children find a safe home life and breaking the cycle of parental abuse.

To review a detail of our programs, please check out this pdf.

Board of Directors

Sandra L. Kearney

Nicole Spinelli

Valerie Rankin

Blakemore Kearney

Rebecca W. Hudson
General Counsel

Kim Bauer
Marketing Director

Executive Board
Valerie DiGennaro
Brad Ball
Holli K. Hudson
Rebecca W. Hudson
Blakemore Kearney
John E Kearney, Sr
Sandra L. Kearney
Paul Mathis
Valerie Rankin
Nicole Spinelli

CPA Firm
Justin Rowlson CPA
Rowlson & Company

Fact Sheet

  • There are approximately 4700 children in Pinellas & Pasco counties that are in the Welfare System. We have touched thousands of children’s lives over the past 8 years with our many programs we provide.
  • Angels serve children ages zero to 21 by providing assistance both to minor children and by providing support to those young adults who “age out” of the foster care system.
  • All volunteer staff consisting of approximately 85 volunteers.
  • Angels are able to mobilize within 24 hours to serve the need of a child.
  • Children served, reside both in individual foster homes and in group housing including Sallie House, Children’s Village, Ready for Life, Guardian ad Litem, Kinship Care, Sheriff’s Office and other agencies needing our assistance.

Angel Programs and Partnerships

  • Angel Bag Program – provides backpacks full of comfort items and basic supplies to children immediately upon being removed from their homes due to abuse.
  • Gas Card Program – provided to Guardian ad Litem to facilitate their support of children in the court system.
  • Ready for Life Holiday Gift Card Program – provide gift cards to young adults who have “aged out” of the foster system and need assistance purchasing basic household items.
  • Helping Hands Program – provides for emergency requests such as diapers, formula, clothing, bus transportation and similar for children in need.
  • Peer Mentoring Program – which provides support for troubled parents with their court-appointed plan as they work to regain custody of their children.
  • Mad Hatter Tea Party – an annual event for hundreds of children in the foster system, providing them a unique celebration and a view to a brighter future.
  • Kids Celebrate! Program – provides funding and volunteers for birthday and holiday parties for children residing at the Sallie House and Children’s Village, enabling children to experience common traditions and create a sense of “home.”
  • Child Advocacy Expo – Our annual event to pull all the agencies together to network and tell their mission for the purpose of working as a TEAM to do what is in the best interest of the children we advocate for.
  • Monetary and food assistance is provided to Kind Mouse, a local agency that feeds thousands of hungry children on the weekends.