I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our readers for taking time to read our monthly newsletters. Although they are a bit lengthy, it is our hope to keep all of our Members, Angels and Supporters in the loop of the tremendous ways we are changing lives. In order to make it easy for all of our readers, I will put all the “NEW” News at the beginning of our Newsletters, and continue with the monthly “UPDATES” of existing news. That way, for those of you that are too busy to read the whole newsletter, you can stay connected on any NEW news that is happening with the Angels. Any newcomers will have the opportunity to not only learn more about the Angels but get acquainted with the many programs we provide to our children. This is my way of trying to make all of our readers happy to be a part of what we do for the children and families in our community.

August 10th, 2021 8:30 – 9:30 AM,


The Angels had another FANTASTIC and INFORMATIVE meeting in July! Everyone walked away knowing more than when they walked through the door. What the Angels do is extremely important and the more we know the better we can be for the children we serve. Many of our community partners attend these meetings and share their knowledge to help keep us informed.

Gloria will be one of our speakers at our August Meeting!

Let’s Get Outside of the Foster Care Box
—by Gloria West Lawson
Springtime! always a reminder that it’s never too late to start fresh. When it comes to foster care, a phrase I hear a lot is “The system is broken.” I say how can it be broken when it’s never worked?! It’s not enough to fix the system; it needs a fresh start. As it exists, foster care is a failed social experiment which is harming children. Foster care needs a reboot. Research suggests that most children fare better in their own toxic families than in foster care. Part of the overhaul of foster care must include the elimination of the re-victimization of children by the very system created to protect them.
Fostering Hope is working to change our current foster care through innovative ideas designed to protect and nurture children. One such program is Foster Care First Responders, trained individuals who help children with the emotional trauma of coming into foster care. Interested in becoming a first responder? Call me. To learn more about the work we are doing in the Tampa Bay area, please visit our website. To help us FOSTER HOPE, by creating a compassionate system, please support our work with a donation.
Gloria can be reached at: (727) 688-5328 or
[email protected]

Krista Shafer will tell us more about this program at our August Meeting

Better Together is based out of Southwest Florida (Naples/Fort Myers). Better Together is expanding throughout the state of Florida, including Pinellas/Pasco Counties. We have served families in the Southwest Florida region and have been able to prevent over 3,100 children from entering the foster care system over the last 5 years. Our mission is to radically reduce the number of children entering foster care by providing parents with a safety net for their children in times of crisis. We connect them to vetted local volunteer families that can temporarily care for their children, to allow parents to get back on their feet. Families facing homelessness, medical emergencies, willing to seek addiction treatment but lack care for their children and other crisis situations and lack support of someone to help. Our referrals come from community partners, including the Department of Children and Families, hospitals, Shelters, treatment facilities and Schools. Please click on the below buttons to learn more.

The Angels have been busy little bees these past few weeks purchasing uniforms, pre-assembled backpacks, additional school supplies, tablets and anything needed to help make the kiddos we assist enjoy getting back to school. The Angels wish all of our children a happy and healthy 2021/2022 school year. Stay safe and healthy and make your parents proud and most of ALL be NICE to one another!


Thank You Kiwanis for once again making smiles on the faces of children who often have little to smile about.

August 1st 2021 the Kiwanis Club is giving children a day of memories, a day of Hope and Smiles that fill the room of the Downtown St Petersburg Coliseum.

On behalf of Angels Against Abuse, Inc. Thank You for keeping this legacy we started alive….

Sandy Kearney, Founder
Angels Against Abuse


As school is getting ready to start in August the children look forward to getting at least 2 new school uniform outfits and school supplies from the Angels Against Abuse. They know in their hearts that they will at least have 2 new outfits for school as well as a new book back full of school supplies. This year at Friends of the Children Tampa Bay will celebrate the achievement of all 53 of our youth for being promoted to the next grade. We feel extra special this year due to COVID and the battles the youth had to go through with virtual learning and WIFI services. But because of the Angels and their support with making sure that our youth had either tablets or laptops many of our youth were successful in the virtual learning area. We have 3 youth that will be moving from Elementary to middle and we have 2 youth that will be going to high school in August. Because of the Angels all of our kids have uniforms and backpacks full of school supplies and we will be giving the laptops that were donated by the Angels to our new High School youth. We want to say thank you Sandy and the Angels for your love and support of our program. We will have pictures of our Achievement program showing the youth receiving the items donated from the Angels.

Thanks Again Sandy and the Angels

Friends of the Children Tampa Bay

Another BabyCAT success story.

This father was referred to the BabyCAT program with allegations of domestic violence which lead to the removal of his daughter. This dad has been engaged in the program and fully participating since the inception of the case. He meets with his Counselor twice a week and with his intensive case manager. He has good sessions consistently, attends weekly staffings, advocates for his daughter and asks staff great questions. He has learned new skills as an individual and as a single dad from his nurturing parenting curriculum. He maintains a full-time job and now owns his own home and has made great progress towards completing his treatment plan goals and continues to work his case plan tasks. A contributing factor to his success is his dedication and commitment to partner with all of the professionals assigned to his case.

The BabyCAT team considers this dad and his daughter a success because of the positive changes made and the interventions being implemented in the home.”

Guardian ad Litem Foundation (GAL)
Opportunity Outreach
Dream, Believe, Succeed!

The Angels take requests and make them a reality for children
in need of a little HOPE and a BIG Smile

The impact that Angels is having on these kids lasts long after the check has been cut. Thank you for seeing the value of bringing these opportunities to children in the dependency system and helping to give them an outlet to grow.

Thank You Angels
Erin Authier
Executive Director
Guardian ad Litem Foundation of Tampa Bay

Original story:
C. lives with a non relative caregiver. She has severe trauma from being in foster care for more that 70% of her life and suffering through multiple failed placements and separation from siblings during the process. This caregiver had custody of Chelsey’s sister and still does and knew that as a child life specialist, she could provide better care for her. The caregiver has gotten all the needed therapies and services set up for C. to ensure there is not another failed placement. C. has been stable in this home for more than 6 months and is doing great but there are good days and bad days. C. loves gymnastics and previously participated for a few months. She is asking to take lessons at Bayside Gymnastics during Spring Break. We believe this would be a great outlet for her and a confidence builder.

Follow up on C:
C. re-entered care when she was removed after allegations of abuse from a grandparent who had permanent guardianship. She loves her new caregivers who hope to be able to adopt her but she really hates going to day care after school. Her GAL requested payment for a gymnastics camp for spring break. C. had a blast all week at camp and discovered that not only does she love gymnastics, she’s good at it too! Since then her caregivers have enrolled her in gymnastics classes on Saturdays. She feels better, her self-esteem is improving AND she has a new way to help her cope with all the trauma she has experienced in her young life.

Original Story:
S. has been living in a foster home since July 2020 after being in a group home with older siblings since April 2017. S. has told me that she needs new sweatpants to feel more comfortable than wearing jeans at school. It seems that she is body shy. She would like a few pairs of sweatpants in medium

Follow up on S:
S. was removed from her home in April 2017 due to neglect. She was originally placed with her two siblings at a group home in Pinellas but is now in a foster home in Pasco. She is very body conscious and her new school in Pasco does not have the multi-racial environment that she is used to. S. felt so excited to get her sweatpants. As a 15 year old girl clothes are really important to her. It may seem like vanity but GALF coming through with a modest request for her clothing makes her feel that people are there for her. And I feel additionally proud to be a GAL to help her with her request. Big thanks to GALF and the donor!

Our Newest Little Angel JOURNEE
Who is now 4 Months
has some IMPORTANT NEWS to share

The Angel Center is really getting busy as I welcome our guests through the doors. Mom is really working hard and everyone loves the Angel Visitation Center! Yeah ANGELS!

When you walk through the doors of the Angel Center, what you see is a smile on all the faces!

The Angel’s Visitation Center has been a huge success lately now that COVID barriers are finally of the past! Visitations are picking up and we even have a waiting list for certain time frames which is absolutely amazing! I am so proud of how far the Angel Center has come and I adore this journey that we are embarking on to helping families reunite.

This facility has gained so much good reputation and the children just love visiting their parents in such a calming and nurturing environment. We offer visitation bags to children on their first visit and they are so appreciative for such a great gift.
I love to see the looks all everyone’s faces as they enter the center. They are always in shock at how clean, comforting, and safe it is which really melts my heart.

The center went from 16 hours per week just two months ago to 60 hours per week now. This is a huge jump in such a small amount of time. Other organizations even utilize our facility, such as ‘Friend’s for the children,’ to conduct their monthly board meeting in our learning center. Our resource room has also been a huge hit as families have been getting hygiene and baby products to help them get and/or stay on their feet. It’s just been such a blessing to see the Angel Center flourish so quickly during a great time of need from our community at this time!

– Ashley Tominus
Angel’s Visitation Center Manager

Thank You

for filling our Resource Room at the Angel Center. Our bins were practically empty from all the requests and this wonderful organization sprinkled “Magic” in our lives for all the children and families who come to us for help and now our room is filled once again!

Thanks you so much from the bottom of our hearts,

The Angels

July 29th 2021, we attended the Agency Awards Ceremony for the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. The Angels , along with Suncoast Voices for Children, matched funds for the Child Protection Investigator of the Year Award where Jenna Ketterer was recognized. The Ceremony was awesome and congratulations to all of the recipients for their hard work in our community! It is such an honor to be a part of this event!

Sponsor Recognition:
Due to the generous gifts and support from our sponsors, the Pinellas County Sheriffs Office members are able to receive recognition and honor for exemplary service

Dex Imaging
Angels Against Abuse Inc
Suncoast Voices for Children
Network People
Lou Kubler II
The Johnson Family


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…
for those of you that are re-sponsoring!

We Need YOU To Make This Night Special

Please Mark your calendars for August 21st, 2021, the famous Kind Mouse Mousequerade! The Kind Mouse never wants a child to go to bed hungry and thanks to Gina Wilkins, the Founder & President, Children in our community get their little tummies filled, but without the support of our community, The Kind Mouse would not be able to accomplish this.

The Angels are proud to be a partner with The Kind Mouse and be a part of assisting with this terrible pandemic of hunger that we have in our community.

Thank you Gina for all you do!

St Pete Glitter Queens 10th Anniversary Ball
Friday, September 24, 2021
Marriott Roosevelt”

Thank you Joan Carmody our
New York Angel

Every few days our friend from New York stokes our Resource Room with brand new clothes for kids in all sizes. Joan, thank you so much for your generosity and very BIG Heart! Joan you are amazing and we look forward to opening every package that is delivered to our door. You are truly an Angel!

The Angels & The Kind Mouse Have Teamed Up!
Angel Baby Mouse Nibbles Program
25 Baby Bags Filled in AUGUST

Thank you Gina, The Kind Mouse for Partnering with the Angels

These baby bags include items that will make a difference until they are placed with relatives or in foster care. The bags will include pre-mixed formula or baby food depending on the age of the infant, diapers, wipes, baby wash, diaper rash ointment, clothing based on age and gender of infant, washcloths, bibs, baby book, pacifier, rattles, and baby bottles.

The Angels & The Kind Mouse Have Teamed Up!
Angel Baby Mouse Nibbles Program
25 Baby Bags Filled in AUGUST

Thank you Gina, The Kind Mouse for Partnering with the Angels

These baby bags include items that will make a difference until they are placed with relatives or in foster care. The bags will include pre-mixed formula or baby food depending on the age of the infant, diapers, wipes, baby wash, diaper rash ointment, clothing based on age and gender of infant, washcloths, bibs, baby book, pacifier, rattles, and baby bottles.


The Angels are proud to once again partner with the Friends of the Children Mentoring Program in 2021. Thank you for your tireless effort and commitment to dedicate 12 1/2 years to children who need guidance and a mentor to guide them through life’s many challenges. These amazing individuals are changing lives for generations to come and the Angels are proud to be a part of their mission.


Healthy Start PAT focuses on reducing infant mortality and morbidity rates in the community by providing comprehensive case management and support services to pregnant and parenting substance abusing women with children ages 0-18 months. The Angels have partnered with them for the past several years through our Christmas Giving and our Angel Assistance Programs. Throughout the year when we receive requests for the moms or their babies, we address those needs quickly to make sure their needs are met.

Thank you Angels for providing Healthy Start with the formula and baby food to help our moms with their little ones. Everything you do for our organization is so appreciated!

Noelle Chase & Linda Thielmann


We would love to share some good news to our Angels, Friends and Families that receive this newsletter. During these times of uncertainty, fear and frustrations, good news gives us Hope and something to brighten our days. We know there is some amazing work being done by so many individuals and agencies in our community so please share your stories so we can pass them on to others. Please email Sandy Kearney at [email protected] and we will make sure your stories are shared in our next newsletter.


Al & Susan Bennati
Alexandra Bryant
Alina Linthicum
Allen & Sarah Keesler
Allen, Johanna
Amanda Meland
Angels Against Abuse, Inc
Aviation Academy
Bailey’s Medical Equipment
Becky Hudson
Blackbaud Giving Fund
Blakemore & Satori Kearney
Brad & Kathy Ball
Bridgepoint Church
Brittany Mills
Career Now Brands
Career Path Training/Roadmaster Driving School
Clearwater Barre
Clearwater Marine Aquarium
Corey Heilman
Creative Outdoor Advertising
Curativa Bay Corporation
CyberGrants, LLC
Cynthia Fabrizzi
David Herman, Trustee White Family Foundation
David & Joanne Yates
Dawn Rush
Dayton Foundation
Deep Glow
Derby Lanes
Diana & Kerry Helinger
Dillards Tyrone
Donald & Holli Hudson
Douglas Bauer
Duke Energy
Ella Reams
Evan Rosich
First Home Bank
Florida Graphics
Flora and Mike Corrigan
Fostering Hope of Florida
Heather Yung
Helen & Rudy Consoni
J Larsen & Associates CPA
James & Kriste Helinger
Jason & Amanda Meland
Jason & Christi Strauss
Joan Carmody
John & Sandy Kearney
John & Karen Kearney
John Weir
Just Give – Great Non-Profits
Karen Faller
Ken & Maureen Heretick
Kim & Richard Bauer
Kristen Davis
Linda Connors
Mark & Jessica Young
Matt & Valerie DiGennaro
Nature’s Food Patch
Neil & Cindy Campbell
Network for Good
Nick & Kay Catizone
Nicole & Tony Spinelli
Nicole Day
Nigella Industries
Nives Plavizanic
Patricia Calhoun
Paul Mathis
Paula & Charles Park
Pinellas Realtor Organization
Richard Kitchell DDO
Rebecca Anderson
Sheryl Rice
Socius Family Foundation
St Pete Glitter Queens
Susan Proctor
Tara Dudley
Ten Pins Bowling Alley
Timothy Thomas & Jill Griffith
The Blackbaud Giving Fund
The Broadrick Family Foundation
The Kind Mouse
The Milkey Foundation
The Speer Foundation
The White Family Foundation
TisBest Philanthropy
Vector Commercial Real Estate
Veterans of Foreign War Post 2473
Werner Enterprises
Weston Newman

If we have inadvertently left anyone out, please contact [email protected] and we will get you added. Every dollar makes a difference and we want everyone to know how grateful we are for all donations to our organization.

Angels Against Abuse Gives HOPE,
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow….






We are looking for volunteers for all of our upcoming events. Please contact Sandy Kearney by clicking on the above link and let us know which of our upcoming events you are available to help volunteer. Please remember that all of these events benefit the Angels and your support will make a difference. Thank you for your support!

When it comes to helping others, there are no little things…the accumulation of a lot of little things isn’t little…it takes each of us to make a difference for all of us…none of us can do everything at one, but all of us can do something at once…one person can make a difference, and every person must try…






August 10th 2021 – 8:30 AM -9:30 AM
Pasadena Community Church
221 70th Street South
St Petersburg, FL

August 21st 2021 – 6:00 – 11:00 PM
The Kind Mouse Mousequerade

September 14th 2021 – 8:30 AM -9:30 AM
Pasadena Community Church
221 70th Street South
St Petersburg, FL

October 12th 2021 – 8:30 AM -9:30 AM
Pasadena Community Church
221 70th Street South
St Petersburg, FL

October 22nd 2021 – 6:00 PM -11:00 PM
Annual Blue Ribbon Gala
The St Pete Yacht Club
11 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL