The Why I Help Podcast

Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Sandy Kearney – An Angel Against Abuse

​Show Notes

Sandy Kearney has 35 years experience in management and office solutions. As a consultant in office solutions, Sandy would go into an office, identify the weaknesses, implement policies, evaluate the staff, write job descriptions, conduct management meetings between the staff and their respective managers with an end result of a more effective staff that worked as a team. By streamlining the operation of the office, the savings to the companies were significant. Her ability to quickly organize and identify problems has been a benefit to everyone she has worked with.

Her passion for children has led her to the place she is today, the President and Founder of Angels Against Abuse, Inc. which started 16 years ago with a group of 4 individuals which now has a membership of 90 volunteers. Their mission is to make a difference in the lives of children and youth who have been abused and neglected and give them hope for a better tomorrow.

During the Angel Journey, there have been programs developed that have the most impact on our most vulnerable children. As changes occur in the system, the Angels make it their business to do the research and make changes that will have the most impact on these children.

The Angels consider themselves the “connectors” in the community and through their famous annual Child Advocacy Expo, the Angels have been successful in getting the community partners to unite and work together as a team with a greater impact on these children. It is the desire of Angels Against Abuse to become a model for other communities to follow in hopes of making a difference in the lives of children who have suffered things none of us want to think about. The Angels want to be a part of the solution to rid this rising problem in our country by starting with our own community in building awareness to others.