New Angel Programs 2021

Directions for Living (DFL)

298 kids have been saved from the child welfare system thanks to the Angels working with Directions on the First Five Program

Campbell Park Elementary School Pre-K First Five Program/BabyCAT started in 2020 and Kings Highway Elementary School in 2021. The Angels partnered with Directions for Living to launch a new program specifically designed to provide an Intensive In-home Service for children under 5, which is also referred to as the “First Five Program”. Their success is largely attributed to the piece of the puzzle that the Angels provide, which Directions refers to as “The Secret Sauce”, our Clinical Consultant. The Clinical Consultant works intensely with the children and their behavioral issues, the teachers, and the parents to assure the success of this program. There is a sense of normalcy and consistency in their lives during their most critical years of development. The Angels are extremely excited to partner with Directions on this program since it accomplishes our mission of breaking the pattern of abuse! Our focus is to do anything possible to eliminate abuse and allow children to grow into healthy and happy adults. As of this writing the success of this program is at 98% and this model has received a lot of attention by funders. Thanks to the success of this program and our involvement, we are now able to move into another Pre-K school in Clearwater called Kings Highway Elementary. We believe this is only the beginning and other schools will follow. The ripple effect of the success of this model not only impacts the child, but it also impacts our community when you convert the cost of the child welfare system every time a child is removed and becomes another statistic in the foster care system. As of this update, 298 children are not going into the foster care system thanks to this program.

Guardian ad Litem Foundation (GAL)

Kids can feel like any other kid thanks to the activities provided through our opportunity outreach program

Opportunity Outreach – Dream, Believe, Succeed! –This program is a direct benefit to the children allowing them to have real, “normal” kid experiences. These funds help to make sure that they can participate in the school, church, and/or community activities that they are interested in without putting the burden of funding on the child or foster parent. Some examples of funding requests include:

  • Registration fees for school sports and the equipment needed to participate.
  • Going on a school field trip or church/YMCA outing
  • Going to homecoming or prom and purchasing a dress or suit
  • Getting a bike
  • Being able to purchase school pictures
  • Taking dance, karate, or music lessons after school
  • Covering the cost of a cake for a birthday party
  • Attending summer camp
  • Taking swim lessons

The Kind Mouse

Infants who have been removed are getting a healthy start thanks to the Angels and Kind Mouse Angel Baby Mouse Nibbles Program

The Kind Mouse Operation Angel Baby  Mouse Nibbles Program (New Program) – These bags will be filled with items specifically for infants that will be distributed to any agency needing urgent items for infants. There has been a big increase in 2020 of infant removal. The Angels have partnered with The Kind Mouse to make sure no babies are going without! These baby bags will include items that will make a difference until they are placed with relatives or in foster care. The bags will include pre-mixed formula or baby food depending on the age of the infant, diapers, wipes, baby wash, diaper rash ointment, clothing based on age and gender of infant, washcloths, bibs, baby book, pacifier, rattles, and baby bottles. The Sheriff’s office said the average removal per month of infants right now, is around 15-17 a month. We feel this is a need that should be addressed.