Dear St Pete Glitter Queens,

During this time of uncertainty and difficult times, whenever a kind gesture
comes your way to lift your spirits, it gives you HOPE for another day! That is
what the St Pete Glitter Queens did for the Angels. There are so many children
and families in our community that are in desperate need of everything, and it
is difficult to get to them all, but thanks to your kindness to make a donation to
the Angels, we can do so much more! Every dollar makes a difference in the lives
of our most vulnerable children, those that are victims of abuse and neglect. Your
donation of $1000 will touch so many lives and make such a difference. Now it is
even more frustrating to think that they are not being properly monitored and
there is abuse going on behind closed doors. My heart breaks every day at the
thought of the damage these children are facing.

Each of you have made such a difference in our lives over the past years with
your generous hearts and we are so grateful for all you do. The St Pete Glitter
Queens is such an amazing group of women with such giving hearts. Thank you
for your support, your generosity and more importantly, your ability to give
Hope for a better tomorrow to so many.

God Bless and stay safe.
Sandra Lee Kearny, Founder
Angels Against Abuse Inc

I never thought having a bus pass would be a big deal. Taking the bus shouldn’t be a big deal right. Well when you’re trying to go to school and work it helps to have that pass that allows you to ride for free. I thank Ready for Life for providing myself and are youth with the ability to get to point “A” to point “B”. if I didn’t have transportation or had to dig into my pockets all the time for uber I wouldn’t be anywhere. The Bus passes have been an amazing commodity a necessity at times.

Sincerely yours,
Sa’Quan Ward

Words cant describe how much the the Upass program has helped me! Last year I remember feeling stuck and hopeless because I couldn’t obtain employment but the root of not obtaining a job was not having a way to get there. I was facing many struggles like not having transportation, not having a job and not having daycare to keep a job. I couldn’t have have one without the other. Once I heard that the bus pass program was put in place at Ready for life it was a relief! I was able to at least get around to job hunt once I secured daycare. I got a job within a month and have been working ever since. The bus pass gives me a piece of mind and allows me to be more independent and responsible. I’m on the bus from sun up to sun down in order to get my daughter to daycare and then to work. I have been able to keep my job longer than I normally would if I didn’t have reliable transportation. Also my daughter was sick on a few ocassions and If it wasn’t for the bus pass Im not sure how quick I would have been able to get her to the emergency room twice in 3 days. The burden of not having a way to get around has been lifted off of my shoulders! I’m so grateful and thank you.

Anna- Marie Viccia