Blue Ribbon Gala 2023

Keep up on the details of our annual Awareness Event/Blue Ribbon Gala and get your tickets and sponsorships now.

Angels Brunch Bunch

Take a look back on our 2nd Annual Brunch and Fashion Show

Child Advocacy Expo

12th Annual Networking Opportunities



Directions for Living

298 kids have been saved from the child welfare system thanks to the Angels working with Directions on the First Five Program
Dream, Believe, Succeed!

Guardian ad Litem Foundation (GAL)

Kids can feel like any other kid thanks to the activities provided through our opportunity outreach program

The Kind Mouse

Infants who have been removed are getting a healthy start thanks to the Angrels and Kind Mouse Angel Baby Mouse Nibbles Program

The mission of the Angels is to build awareness and educate the community with regard to existing and/or potential neglect and abuse against children. To provide support, monetarily and through hands on volunteer hours to neglected and abused children who are removed from an abusive situation or are in danger of removal.

Blue Ribbon Gala 2022

Our Annual Blue Ribbon Gala has been set for October 21st! We can not wait to join our friends for this Halloween themed Gala. Please check out our event page purchase tickets, make donations, and keep up on any information that you will need to know as we prepare to celebrate and raise money to help make a difference in more children’s lives.

About the Angels . . .

The Angels Against Abuse (“Angels”) was created by a small group of visionaries who saw a need to provide assistance to children beyond the scope of basic services covered by the foster care system.  Most often, these children are removed forcibly from their homes due to abuse, and they are placed in the care of agency housing or private foster homes.  The experience is traumatic, and the children often leave with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  The Angels team set out to help these kids by


  1. providing goods and services not covered by the foster care system;
  2. helping to reduce the trauma of home removal;
  3. trying to create as many traditional childhood experiences for these children living in non-traditional conditions; and
  4. working with children and families to stop the cycle of abuse.

Angels Visitation Center

Angels Against Abuse is proud to announce that we have partnered with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. We would like to thank CMA for helping us complete our vision of the Visitation Center.

See more information, including hours and location of the Angels Visitation Center.


All money raised and received through donations is used to provide support for children who have been removed from an abusive situation. Hands on volunteer hours and rigorous education campaigns are some of the ways our organization addresses these sensitive issues in our community. Although we offer support to at risk families our ultimate goal is to prevent child abuse. A donation of any amount can help make the difference in the life of a child.